Graduating Senior: Rebekah Harrington

Man, oh, man was this session fun!

Rebekah and I grew up together in New Hope Baptist Church’s youth group. She’s been a great friend for many years and I am SO excited for her to graduate in a few weeks!

Rebekah was such a natural in front of the camera, and we had a blast hanging out in Senoia on a Sunday evening! Her sweet Mum even came, as well as some ducks…. Please enjoy these pictures!

IMG_5825 IMG_5842 IMG_5867 IMG_5884 IMG_5913 IMG_5935 IMG_5970 IMG_5987 IMG_5993 IMG_6031 IMG_6049 IMG_6065 IMG_6072 IMG_6077 IMG_6083 IMG_6110 IMG_6118 IMG_6126 IMG_6137 IMG_6143 IMG_6161 IMG_6169 IMG_6171 IMG_6175 IMG_6182 IMG_6184 IMG_6190 IMG_6196 IMG_6203 IMG_6205 IMG_6215 IMG_6220 IMG_6225 IMG_6228 IMG_6233 IMG_6241 IMG_6246 IMG_6258 IMG_6262 IMG_6271 IMG_6284 IMG_6299FINALwatermark