“He Restores My Soul…”

Our annual Stenner vacation drew to a close yesterday as we pulled in the driveway and unloaded. Our last vacation with only five Stenners. Our last calm before the storm of fall semester.

There’s something about the beach that is so restorative. The vastness of the sea puts everything in perspective–the tide pulls back and forth no matter what, the water is so clear you see fish swimming around ankles, the horizon whispers of places far beyond where you are; the sun presents the clouds in all their beauty, reflects the magnificence of vibrant colours and brings healing to scars; the sand gives exfoliation to your body and a soft resting place for your feet–after cracking your feet from hard work year-round, the sand says “now rest a while.”

We’re back in business, baby. Coming into the fall with exciting new dreams, more passion for the Lord, a refreshed body.

Here are some snapshots of the details of the trip…