Hear Us From Heaven

“Open the blind eyes, unlock the deaf ears. Come to your people as we draw near. Hear us from heaven, touch our generation. We are your people, crying out in desperation!”

What a great song and a great service at New Hope this morning! As I looked around at the congregation while singing in the choir, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed and overwhelmed at how God has blessed us. We are a people loved by God that listen and respond to Him. So thankful for a church like ours and thousands like it across the world.

Just a few notes from Dad‘s sermon on John 16…

We don’t just need one generation for change. We need a number of generations working together. Diversity is key. It’s the most effective way to reach the lost. Heaven is pleased with it!

  • Be frugal (disciplined, faithful, consistent)
  • Be humble
  • Love loyally
  • Work hard
  • Embrace challenge

There is no part of life that the gospel cannot penetrate.  

Completion of joy is found in prayer. Ask, seek, and knock, and the Lord will answer.