Helen Claire

I received a sweet card in my mailbox the other day containing this:









I had a photoshoot with three-year-old Helen Claire (also known as Princess Rapunzel) a few days ago. She wrote me this special song before we even met, so I knew we’d be instant friends. We ran around cherry blossom trees, read books, made a fire out of pine straw, had chats on a bench and miraculously got some adorable pictures out of it! I loved this session.

Spring is so full of life, and I’m thankful that Helen Claire celebrated spring’s arrival with me. Please enjoy these, and I would love to hear what you think!

IMG_6202 IMG_6207 IMG_6224 IMG_6351 IMG_6352 IMG_6370 IMG_6373 IMG_6392 IMG_6404 IMG_6429 IMG_6471 IMG_6479 IMG_6506 IMG_6529 IMG_6558 IMG_6574 IMG_6586 IMG_6588 IMG_6598 IMG_6602