High Street

Our work centered around High Street Baptist Church today. Whether it was cooking for this evening’s “Beast Feast”, passing out leaflets (flyers) on High Street, rehearsing with the choir, practicing with schools teams for the week ahead or praying over the building, all involved on the trip were in and out of the church all day.

A special place that has acted as our trip headquarters for numerous years, we eat, sing and pray there almost every day of the trip. We long to see an outpouring in this place, in Merthyr Tydfil. How it is impressed upon our hearts.

The gospel was preached tonight, and many gave their lives to Jesus–praise Him for that! Afterwards we had tea and biscuits with anyone who wanted to join–oh so British, don’t you agree?

A few prayers/praises:

1) All four of the team members who flew standby have now arrived!

2) Souls were saved tonight!

3) Please pray for tomorrow as we venture into schools, nursing homes, restaurants, a Christian center, leadership meetings and much more and as we present the gospel in Abertillery in the evening.


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