In The Still of the Night

I walked outside this evening only to be greeted by this faded purple sky–a beautiful backdrop on which the naked trees look so pronounced. Though dead, the trees are brought to life with the tint of colour in the sky, the promise of rain in the air–fulfilled this evening.

Today was genuinely an incredible day. Choir rehearsal blew me away with encouragement, beautiful blend, the hard work of the group and the knowledge of sitting with dear friends. My independent study with Samford’s photographer went so well–I anticipate learning a lot, and also got the news that I’ll be assisting her at the University Photographers’ Association of America Symposium in June (in which Jeremy Cowart will speak….I almost cried). I also had the first voice class of the semester with the Dean of the School of the Arts. We finished with prayer and a reading of Colossians 3:15-17. I am so looking forward to learning from him, an incredible professor with so much knowledge and charm.

I am blessed. I’m thankful to have had my camera in order to take pictures of the full yet eerie sky this evening. God’s peace passes all understanding. He doesn’t have to delight in me, but He does. He doesn’t have to bless me and remind me that He gives all I’ll ever need. I guess it’s all attributed to grace.

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