Intentionally Etched

Tonight as my friend Chris and I got to Reid Chapel for the Vespers service, we glanced out a window to the left to look at the golden sky. We then looked to our right and were absolutely breath taken by the DOUBLE RAINBOW we saw. As Chris kept repeating, “DOUBLE RAINBOW AHHHHH,” I was completely awestruck in remembrance of the Lord’s faithfulness. What a refreshment for my soul to see a stunning promise so intentionally etched out in the sky.

This promise reminded of Matt Redman’s song, “Remembrance”: “Lord, we remember You, and remembrance leads us to worship. And as we worship You, our worship leads to communion”

It’s a beautiful picture of how when we fix our minds on Jesus, it ushers us into worship. I felt that this evening–as I remembered the Lord’s promise to Noah, faithful men of ages past and even my family today, my mind was drawn to the beauty of the Lord. What began as a rainy, dreary day opened up the skies to gleeful celebration of our majestic God. It was as if all of creation was saying, “remember that He is good!”

As we worship, then, our worship brings us into deeper communion with God. I experienced that as we sang at the Vespers service tonight–in dwelling on the beauty of God, my heart was ushered into worship.

rainbow1 rainbow4 rainbow5