Jack + Jo: The Birmingham Botanical Gardens

When you shoot weddings as often as I do in Birmingham, you’d think you’d have photographed at every venue at least once, right? Wrong! April 6, 2024 marked my first wedding at the stunning Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and wow, was it worth the wait. Jack and Johanna’s big day was as magical as you can imagine, and I’m thrilled to share the highlights from their beautiful celebration with you all!



After Jo’s talented hair and makeup team finished her look (shoutout Hannah Collier!), she slipped on her dress and we hopped outside to take advantage of the sunlight peeking through the trees. Plus, we set up all the bridesmaids so they could have a quick “first look” with their favourite girl. All day long, they couldn’t stop gushing over how gorgeous Johanna was, and I was right there with them!



Springtime in Birmingham is a sight to behold, and the Botanical Gardens were in full bloom, providing a colorful backdrop for all our photos that day. It was a photographers dream come true, and as I captured Jack and Jo’s first look and their portraits afterwards, I took full advantage of all the natural beauty surrounding us!



Jack and Jo’s bridal party were their biggest supporters, and it was so fun having them around as a hype squad all day! The bridesmaids wore stunning dresses in various shades of green, perfectly blending with the lush surroundings of the Gardens. And the groomsmen looked so sharp in their tuxedos!



As guests started trickling in for the ceremony, things started to feel like a giant family reunion. Jack’s Auburn University friends were out in full force, and they had a ton of guests show up from Camp Winnataska where Jo and Jack originally met! They have incredibly loyal friends that were happy to travel from all over to celebrate their marriage with them!

Kaitlin from Social Hour Weddings was there shooting behind-the-scenes content, which added an extra layer of fun to the day. Rebekah, my Associate and trusty second shooter, was by my side, and thank goodness for that. During Johanna’s walk down the aisle, my contact lens decided to pop out of my eye! I had to shoot half-blind for a few hours, but Rebekah came to the rescue, running to my house to grab a spare contact. Talk about a lifesaver!



One of my absolute favourite parts of this day was capturing sunset portraits of Jo and Jack after they exited their ceremony. We found the most amazing light along a quiet pathway in the gardens, and it was nothing short of magical. These two are so in love, and it shows in every frame! It’s hard not to smile when I look at these – they’re best friends, and it was an honour to capture their love story.



As the sun set, the reception came alive with gorgeous string lights and a lively atmosphere. Jack and Jo both know how to swing dance, and they showed their talent off during their first dance together! It was the perfect way to kick off a night filled with laughter and beautiful memories.



I am incredibly proud of the images I captured at this wedding, and I can’t wait for Jack and Jo to see them all. It’s couples like these that remind me why I LOVE this special job. Congratulations to the Hamakers!


Coordinator: Engaged Wedding Library

Venue: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

Hair & Makeup: Hannah Collier

Bridal Store: Ivory & White 

DJ: Disco Hristo

Catering: Kathy G

Dessert: Neighbors Ice Cream