Joy of Christmas

I don’t really get it.

At work today, customers seemed to be just a little on edge. My coworkers assured me that it always got like this during the holidays: feisty. I found myself getting frustrated and asking myself questions like, Why be stressed during Christmas? Don’t people know that this is advent season? [ I could write about how customer service workers are treated sometimes, but I’ll let you read Tim’s blog for that ]

But then I realized I was hard core judging. I do the same thing. I get caught up. I stress about things. I notice the absence of a significant other when I see pictures of couples by Christmas trees and with engagement rings and mistletoe (awkwardly long sentence…I’m going for honesty if you couldn’t tell). I forget the joy of Christmas. The joy that came from a baby.

Babies always bring an abundance of joy. That night in Bethlehem, with the brightest star hovering over a full inn, the God-man was born to a dedicated yet weary couple. And this child brought joy. Yet, not just the jolly kind of joy, though. Tidings of comfort and joy. Joy to the whole world (notice a trend?). This baby was pretty special.

But you know what else brings joy? COOKIES. Not any kind of run-of-the-mill cookies. Christmas cookies. Old time sugar cookies with icing and sprinkles and family. Early evening creativity that leaves your hands dusted with colour and your teeth full of plaque….yum.

Whether it’s Jesus or cookies (preferably Jesus first), I hope your Christmas cultivates time to meditate on the joy that Jesus brought when He was delivered….in order to deliver us.┬áSo, please, enjoy these as much as we enjoyed decorating them! What activity brings you joy as you gather with family over Christmas?

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