Mallard Stables, Decatur Wedding: Seth + Caroline

This 👏🏽 wedding 👏🏽 day 👏🏽 honoured 👏🏽 Jesus 👏🏽

Caroline + Seth King (still can’t get over it) got married on March 28, 2020 at Mallard Stables in Decatur, Alabama and it looked nothing like they thought it would. A big celebration had been planned for a long time, complete with a large guest list and big party. Yet coronavirus intercepted and the Kings changed their plans quickly, making pivots at every turn. But the King of Kings had planned this graciously and sovereignly so that their wedding day could better point to Jesus.

Things could’ve easily been heartbreaking and disappointing. Changing long-awaited plans and celebrating like you’d dreamed for so long is hard! And they would outrightly say that. But Seth + Caroline chose to testify to God’s kindness, lean on the wisdom of their close family and friends and enjoy the day fully. Based on conversations with them, they wouldn’t have had it any other way, and it was so obvious that they were bursting with excitement on March 28! There were so many God-moments that confirmed that this was the plan all along. Hear Seth’s take on their wedding experience here. It’s bound to fire you up for the things of God!

It was a pure, joyful and emotional day for everyone with thoughtful details and so many elements that honoured people who have invested in them. I’ve watched them grow in love from the beginning of their relationship to becoming a married couple whose sole purpose is kingdom advancement. I am so very proud to know these two, to have been able to serve them as a photographer and to watch them live out their purpose alongside each other.

Caroline and Seth, may you ever strive to love each other with the love of Christ, to serve His church faithfully and to spend the rest of your life remembering that nothing is ever wasted. Congratulations, Kings!!


Vendor Team:

Venue: Mallard Stables

Dress: Carriage House

Videographer: Everett Pictures

Cake: Ligers Bakery

Bridesmaid Dresses: Bella’s Bridesmaids

H&MU: MP Watson

Florist: Juli Bethea

Caroline grew up at First Baptist Decatur, where her Dad was on staff. Now, Seth is the youth pastor there and they live across the street! I loved this little nod to their church heritage.

If you’re not following Seth on TikTok…. I give you permission to click away from this blog post and do so right now!

First Baptist Decatur organized a ~30-car parade for Seth + Caroline because they had to limit guest count. It was an INCREDIBLE picture of the church being the church and the Kings felt so loved by this surprise outpouring of love! It was one of those moments where all you do was cry and say “thank you, Lord.”

Being the high-energy people they are, Seth + Caroline both bought new shoes and Seth even had their wedding date put on his!

I’m so very thankful to have had the gift of serving you both!!