Nicole + Ben: New Water Farms on Lake Martin

If you asked me to describe Nicole and Ben’s wedding, I’d use the following words: effortless, intentional, easy-going, and oh-so-STUNNING.


What better place to get ready for your wedding day than in a gorgeous event property on the coast of Lake Martin in Eastern Alabama? These sweet girls supported Nicole all day long. Their matching Stanley cups were the absolute cutest!



This specific bridal party welcomed us with open arms from the get-go! We braved the Alabama heat together, and that will bring any group of people closer, believe me.



Lydia Greenway, the event planner, was one of the best planners I’ve ever worked with. She even had mints for the bride and groom before the first look! Talk about some great forethought.



Thank the Lord the rain held off for us all day! The humidity was intense, but the beautiful lake setting behind us was making up for it. They practiced their aisle-dip during couples portraits and it was the cutest thing. We did it about eight times, so I’d say they were professionals by the end!



And just look at this gorgeous wedding party! They couldn’t have been more excited for their sweet friends. The best hype-squad!



Before taking a break to get ready for the ceremony, we grabbed some photos with family. Nicole had a first look with her dad, and those always bring a smile to my face. He just looked so proud of his baby girl!



The ceremony happened out close to the waters edge and was absolutely gorgeous. And thanks to all their practice, Nicole and Ben nailed the aisle-dip!



I honestly came into this specific wedding pretty tired. The night before, I prayed, “Lord, I don’t know if I can do this tomorrow … please give me energy, strength and joy to serve Nicole and Ben well.”

It had been a looooong season of shoots every night for months, many weddings back-to-back and the hum-drum of every day life. I wasn’t sure I had it in me.

All day, the Lord was kind to answer prayers and give me energy, strength, joy, and this surge of creativity I hadn’t quite experienced before. Everything felt new and SO CREATIVE.

Nicole and Ben provided the coolest details – who knew styling blueberries could be so much fun!? I might’ve gotten some strange looks while styling their dinner on the grass, but I think the photos turned out pretty cool. Worth it!



It had been cloudy all day, but the sun popped out for an epic sunset and pink sky set amongst the trees. It felt like the Lord was watching over us and smiling at the beautiful picture of his love for the church!


Nicole and Ben partied the night away with friends and family and couldn’t have been happier! I was so thankful for having spent the day capturing their love, and can’t wait to see them again soon.



A special thanks to all the vendors that made this day special for Nicole and Ben!

Coordinator: @eventsbylydia

Florist: @hollyhockgallery

Venue: @newwaterfarms

H&MU: @beautybytorimejia

Dress: @allurebridals, @bridalblisshomewood

Band: @velvetcitysound

Catering: @itsjennieweller

Cake: @sweetgagas