Performance: Abi Benke

Welcome to the blog one of my dearest friends, Abi Benke. Her senior voice recital was one I was honoured to attend–not only because of our relationship, but because it was more of a concert than a recital. She is incredible!

I had a blast taking pictures of her friends and family after the recital. Please enjoy these bright colours and big smiles!

IMG_1751 IMG_1761 IMG_1778 IMG_1797 IMG_1802 IMG_1804 IMG_1808 IMG_1812 IMG_1819 IMG_1831 IMG_1833 IMG_1836 IMG_1847 IMG_1850 IMG_1852 IMG_1862 IMG_1866 IMG_1869 IMG_1872 IMG_1875 IMG_1877 IMG_1885 IMG_1889 IMG_1892 IMG_1901 IMG_1904 IMG_1905 IMG_1909 IMG_1913 IMG_1924 IMG_1928 IMG_1932 IMG_1936 IMG_1940 IMG_1945FINALwatermark