Pierce Family

The Pierce family is so full of fun!

I worked at Chick-fil-A this summer with Ms. Sally, the catering director for the two Chick-fil-A stores close by. It was a joy to meet Mr. Mark, Sarah and Brian–how much fun we had down at Starr’s Mill! The sunlight was majestic and it was overcast enough to get some great shots. Hope you enjoy these as much as I have!

IMG_5940 IMG_5969 IMG_6026 IMG_6054 IMG_6070 IMG_6123 IMG_6143 IMG_6208 IMG_6230 IMG_6247 IMG_6269 IMG_6290 IMG_6297 IMG_6369 IMG_6454 IMG_6496 IMG_6518 IMG_6543 IMG_6588 IMG_6599