Pizza Guy

Tonight we had Papa John’s pizza delivered to our house.

I was left with the wallet to pay the delivery guy.

As I looked down at the wallet, all I saw were 20’s, a 5, and a 1.┬áSo, not thinking properly, I gave him $26. The order cost $23-something.

The delivery guy gave me a look of disgust mashed with despair and crushed hope, and walked away. I felt like the most terrible person on earth as I closed the door. Ugh.

As I walked back into the house, my sister asked me why I didn’t ask for change for a $20. WHY did this thought never enter my brain?

Anyway, I’ve been milling over this scenario all evening, lavishing myself with guilt. Blegh. It’s been miserable.

But then I got to thinking some more (thinking more always improves any situation I’m in… I need to do it more), and realized that I have a great High King who pardons me. I’m not sure if I was sinning in this particular instance, because my intentions were genuinely kind, but I found myself asking for forgiveness nonetheless. The poor guy probably had resentful thoughts running through his head on the drive back, so I started to pray that even though I couldn’t bless him financially tonight, that he would be blessed by someone or something else.

Tonight also taught me about generosity. Of course, it wasn’t my wallet to take advantage of, but through my words and actions I can be generous too.

Just some thoughts that I needed to spill. Thanks for reading!