Samford University Senior Session, Birmingham, AL: Stephen DeFrancesco

Stephen and I sat across from each other in the library back in November 2017.

“Why do you want to work for Samford Admission?” I asked.

There it began! I interviewed Stephen to be my intern for the coming semester in the Samford Admission Office. It was an office teeming with life, excitement, creativity and hard work and I was excited to welcome him on to the team. Lo and behold, though, I transitioned out of my job the next month to be a full time photographer so I never got to work directly with Stephen!

However, over the past 2.5 years as I’ve photographed for Samford in a contract role, I’ve had the privilege to work with him! He’s coordinated all of the photoshoots I’ve been involved with and it’s been a blast watching him grow. Stephen — you’re talented, passionate, kind, godly, so fun and now a Samford GRAD! I know it’s been an incredible experience for you, because I had a similar one, and I can’t wait for you to take your talents to impact the world for Christ.