The Barn at Shady Lane Wedding, Birmingham, AL | Eleanor Stenner

On the most magical November day at The Barn at Shady Lane in Birmingham, Alabama, the leaves were as bright as could be… the weather was a perfect 65 degrees… the sun was high in the sky… and pink streaks adorned the sky as sun set. I fully believe that God was pleased with the union of Caroline and Ernie, and all of creation was rejoicing. In scripture we see that, “the mountains and the hills before you shall break forth into singing, and all the trees of the field shall clap their hands” – Isaiah 55:12. I think the trees were clapping because of this God-glorifying day!


My best friend married the love of her life at The Barn at Shady Lane in Birmingham, Alabama. November weddings at the barn are just majestic!

Watching Ernie pursue Caroline a year ago was something I’ll never forget. Every conversation, intention and action was purposeful. Every date held appropriate and timely conversations. And each day taught both of them to pursue the goal and aim of their lives: Jesus. It was never about finding happiness in the other, but relating rightly, loving well, honouring the other and loving the Lord. And having FUN! These two have so much dang fun together. They walked through dating and engagement with such integrity, and I believe it blessed all those surrounding them, which made their wedding day full of pure joy.

As a bridesmaid and lead photographer, I shed many quiet tears on their wedding day. I got to watch from the outskirts and also be right in the thick of things. I photographed them reading letters from each other, prayed with bridesmaids before walking down the aisle, held her dress and bouquet while we trudged through leaves and quietly documented their precious first look. This day was one of the greatest honours of my life!

Enough about me though… I’m so grateful for the friend I’ve found in Caroline. She is wise, beautiful, bursting with joy, faith-filled, smart, prayerful and thoughtful, consistent and always willing to be poured out even if it costs her something. It is a gift beyond measure to entrust Caroline to a well-deserving man who loves, admires, cares for and protects her.

Caroline and Ernie, may you ever strive to act out Ephesians 5:21… “Submit to one another out of reverence for Christ.” May your submission be a joyful, respectful and loving one because you aim to please the Lord. HAPPY MARRIAGE!

HUGE thanks to this amazing vendor team for making this a smooth and happy day! And huge shout out to Alex Wolf and Deidre Lackey for photographing the ceremony so I could participate in the ceremony 🙂

Vendor Team:
Coordinator: Rachael Milner
Florist: Cindy Vetrano
Videographer: Four 10 Films
Dress: Bustle
Catering: Happy Catering
Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie
Groom Attire: Jos. A Bank
Probably one of my favourite pictures from the day… my best friend handing me my best friend’s flowers as my other best friends wait to see the bridal beauty!
Ernie requested to think and pray as we walked from the groom’s quarters to the first look spot. I watched quietly as his eyes filled with tears and his eyes gazed up to the sky. It was a precious few moments and I love Caroline’s face as she turned to ask if it was time to tap him on the shoulder.
Caroline + Ernie had prepared words of gratitude for their parents to be read at the beginning of the ceremony. It was really special to watch their parents tear up at this sweet surprise and so admirable that this element was included!