The Valleys are Alive

Today was a stunning day–gorgeous weather, refreshing workers, overwhelming work of the Spirit.

This morning I had the joy of working with the Holland Road CAT (Community Action Team) gardening at Lighthouse Church in Fernhill. This team has been fixing up the church all week–painting walls, sweeping up rubbish, clearing out the garden area. I grew up with about five people on the team, and it was absolute joy to spend the morning with them and to see them working for the Lord. I heard not one complaint, but all hearts were focused on the task.

Four o’clock arrived, and so did the choir. We were transported to Christ Church in Ebbw Vale, an 150-year-old building with a gorgeous exterior. We rehearsed, took some pictures outside, met the wonderful Pastor Jeff and headed to Zion Baptist for dinner provided by the kindest people. Ebbw Vale is a beautiful town–its people with open arms.

From the very beginning of the gospel presentation, the audience was on its feet clapping, swaying, singing. What a sight, and what a rarity! A very warm audience it was. The power and fulfilling Spirit of God was present this evening. Many choir members were moved to tears during “This Blood” as we wholeheartedly busted out the words “what can wash away my sin? nothing but the blood of Jesus!” It would have been a special time of worship no matter how many people attended or were saved. Yet God moved and lives were saved! PRAISE HIM!

Just as the program was finishing, Pastor Jeff prophesied over Dad in front of the whole congregation. He saw a picture of flaming torches coming out of Dad’s eyes, symbolizing that the Lord is going to continue to open up his eyes–not only for his pastorate and for Wales, but for the States and the whole world. He claimed a special anointing on this bold preacher and said that God will let Him see greater things. WOAH nelly, it was incredible. I also watched him pray over Lena Allen, a gentle yet God-fearing girl from Holland Road–and it was a beautiful sight.

I had the joy of giving the gospel of John to a man named Ian who gave his life to Christ this evening, and was also incredibly encouraged by a passionate man named Andy. Andy got saved and turned his life around from being a 14-year heroine addict, involved in gangs and drugs. Andy had such a radical life change that his sister, a drug addict, noticed and therefore accepted Christ. The same thing happened to his father, an alcoholic, and he was saved! What a testimony. Andy encouraged and confirmed what the Lord’s been impressing upon my heart. His passion and strong love for the Lord made my heart leap.

Talking to Sonya after the program, we were both so overcome that we discussed–now what? What do we do after a night like this? It seems wrong to converse. It seems out of place to talk about anything but Jesus after seeing Him move. Shouldn’t that be our reaction? Shouldn’t we be so enthralled with the beauty of God’s hand that we wish to do nothing else?

Please keep praying for us! Spirit, pour out.

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