“We Shall See”

This has been my answer of late: “we shall see.”

Growing up, my disposable camera pictures always turned out black, blurry and of bad quality (but really, have you ever seen a good quality disposable camera picture? Unlikely. Or, at least, I am telling myself that). As a little English girl playing in the garden, I always made lists, played ‘airport’ and pretended to book people’s flights, made crafts, rummaged around in the dressing-up box, made up musicals and talked a lot. Basically, I was a Pinterest girl before it was cool. Crafts were my thing.

I got my first point-and-shoot camera at 14 and instantly fell in love with the macro setting, like everyone else. You remember…the close-ups of flower petals and your eyes with lots of eyeliner slapped on. Attractive, right? Maybe that was just me? Okay… awkward.

I carried my camera everywhere and often ran out of space on my memory card… 32MB was a rough life (thank you RAW and multiple 16GB cards for saving me). My parents picked up on this passion and were gracious to invest in a Nikon D60 for my 16th birthday. I was head-over-heels.

In September 2011, a family from my home church asked if I would take their pictures. I sheepishly, and thankfully, agreed. Where that would lead me, I could never have guessed. In the past three years, my schedule has been filled to the brim with weddings, portraits, headshots, recitals, events, musicals and candids that I choose to capture. I converted to Canon and have built a business, often clumsily and with no direction, from the ground-up. Online tutorials are my jam and the Lord gives fresh vision everyday around every corner and every bush. My, what a journey it’s been.

Yet, I find myself coming to a place of, “what’s next?”

Today, I officially finished my junior year at Samford University (can I get an “AAAHHHH!”). Terrifyingly exciting times are ahead, of which I am so looking forward to but hesitant to step in to. I have used the phrase, “we shall see” many times in the past few months in reference to plans, relationships, jobs and involvement. Maybe it’s masked in fear, but my intention behind it is to communicate that I am trusting in the Lord, to audibly remind myself to trust Him and to remember His past provision and promises for the future.

Provision is God’s thing. He provided manna in the desert for the Israelites, a spotless Lamb for mankind and grace for the believer daily. He also promises that “we will see His face” (Rev. 22:4). What an awesome promise! I believe I can trust Him for anything, and am doing so through faith. As senior year not only approaches but begins, and the questions of “what will you do after graduation?” come rapidly, I find myself being okay, along with working hard and trusting, with the response of “we shall see.”