Wedding: Chad & Monika!

Chad and Monika met, dated and married within a span of eight months – they just knew! How cool it was to watch two people committed to each other and the Lord declare that in front of friends and family.

The ceremony and reception were at Berachah Bible Church in Jonesboro, Georgia and family from all over came. Monika is from North and Chad is from the South, so it was sweet to see their families combine. They had barbeque at the reception (a Southern staple!) and Monika wore her mother’s wedding dress. We even replicated the picture of her Mum, which you’ll see below!

On a personal note, it was a blessing to shoot this wedding. There was a complication with Chad & Monika’s original photographer, and I was asked to step in at late notice. The Lord worked it for His glory, as He intentionally brought me home for the weekend so I could be with my family as my Mum was taken to the ER for surgery. Praise Him for His sovereignty (and for my Mama’s healing)!

Congratulations, Chad & Monika! Your wedding day was one to be remembered!


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