Wedding: Jordan & Catie

Jordan and Catie Valdez married on April 26th at New Hope Baptist Church, my incredible home church. I was absolutely honoured to shoot their wedding alongside my dear friend Liz Bacon (some of her pictures are featured in the post. Seriously, you should check out her website).

I have known Catie ever since we moved to the States, but we’ve become closer in the past few years. She was my elder sister’s roommate during their freshman year at Samford, and when I arrived at Samford she was sweet to help me in any way possible to make me feel at home. That’s who Catie is–constantly caring and kind.

She and Jordan started dating early on in college, and it has been a joy to watch them grow as a couple. Jordan recently graduated from Samford’s AFROTC program as a nursing major. Catie graduated from Samford last year as an education major and has since been teaching at Crestwood Day School. In a few months, they will pick up and move to Jordan’s first Air Force post: CALIFORNIA!

Photographing my first wedding not as a second shooter, I was extremely nervous. Yet, the Lord gave me peace, encouragement and reminded me of my gift that glorifies Him. It also helped tremendously that Jordan and Catie were a dream to photograph. They cracked jokes at every opportunity and looked at each other with such glee. The sun was shining and the wedding bells were ringing!

I am so thankful for the encouragement that you friends send me almost weekly. Sharing pictures with you is a joy!

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