Wedding: Kyle & Sara!

They are such a sweet couple, and it’s Christ in them that makes them sweet! I had the immense honour of shooting Kyle and Sara Henggeler’s wedding day on April 18th. It was a God-glorifying, love affirming ceremony with a great crowd of family and friends surrounding them in support and celebration! I’ve loved editing these and hope you enjoy as well!

Hair + Makeup: Megan Edwards (my talented sister!)
Second shooter: Haley Wright

IMG_9906 IMG_9889 IMG_9649 IMG_9644 IMG_9617 IMG_9368 IMG_9261 IMG_9253 IMG_9246 IMG_9192 IMG_9154 IMG_9131 IMG_9106 IMG_9040 IMG_9023 IMG_9022 IMG_9016 IMG_9005 IMG_8967 IMG_8959 IMG_8932 IMG_8912 IMG_8881 IMG_8874 IMG_8854 IMG_8842 IMG_8836 IMG_8831 IMG_8775 IMG_8774 IMG_8752 IMG_8716 IMG_8713 IMG_8697 IMG_8682 IMG_8671 IMG_8657 IMG_8647 IMG_8643 IMG_8609 IMG_8602 IMG_8554 IMG_7513 IMG_7428 IMG_7299 IMG_7279 IMG_7225 IMG_7101 IMG_7068 IMG_0640 IMG_0600 IMG_0599 IMG_0584 IMG_0569 IMG_0565 IMG_0558 IMG_0550 IMG_0541 IMG_0538 IMG_0518 IMG_0461 IMG_0374 IMG_0331 IMG_0134 IMG_0094 IMG_0063FINALwatermark