Wedding: Phil & Jennifer

As I have a wedding shoot tomorrow, I figured now was the time to present this October wedding to you guys!

The wonderful Elizabeth Bacon–fellow photographer and sweet friend–asked if I would second shoot for one of her weddings this past October. I hesitantly yet excitedly said yes–confident in my abilities but nervous to go down a different avenue of photography.

The day was splendid. Liz was a great encourager, organizer and, of course, photographer. I asked questions, she gently directed. What up, dream team!

Jennifer and Phil are so in love. As some of the most easy-going people I’ve ever met, they made Liz and I feel like part of the family. Their reception essentially felt like Thanksgiving–close friends and family gathered around a fireplace, singing songs, eating dessert and peering out the window as a collection of kids played in the moonlight.

It was a beautiful thing to watch Jennifer and Phil smile at each other with giddiness as they began a new life together. Jennifer has two children and Phil has three. It was fantastic to watch them get along so well and be so encouraging of their parents’ union. The kids made for some pretty hilarious pictures…obviously nobody wants to see their parents kissing, so why not take a picture of their horrified reaction?

The wedding was so enjoyable, and I loved working alongside my talented friend who is second shooting for me this weekend, and I for her in some fall 2014 weddings!

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