Beth + Jamieson: Engagement Session in Birmingham, AL

It’s my favorite time of year at Lakeshore Trail. All the yellow wildflowers bloom and the space looks like an absolute dream! I knew I wanted to get at least one of my sessions in at this location. Lucky for me, Jamieson and Beth were up for it!



They told me how much they love going on walks together while dating and engaged, and Lakeshore Trail happens to be one of their frequent paths! We had the best time adventuring knee deep into the wildflowers and finding fun, romantic poses to try. Plus, yellow is my favorite color! This whole experience was a 10/10 for me!!!



Jamieson and Beth are such a sweet and playful couple. From the very first shot they were so goofy together and just had the best time! It took absolutely no effort to make them look cute together. They do it perfectly on their own!



After Lakeshore Trail, we hopped downtown to the Magic City sign and Pedestrian Bridge. And they showed up looking HOT! While brainstorming some poses, they told me how they often dance in the kitchen with each other (which is the cutest thing in the world), so naturally we turned on some tunes and started dancing! These photos are some of my favorites. They just look so in love!



I’ve loved getting to know these two more through this process. We get a long so well, I just know we’ll be long time friends. Plus, these two are just so fun together! I have no doubt we are going to have a blast at their wedding in June!!!