Brad + Krista | Birmingham Botanical Gardens Proposal

Brad and I met up on a random Friday in January. It was noon, and it was the day we would scope out the exact spot Brad would propose to sweet Krista. Our walk through the gardens felt almost reverent as Brad searched for the perfect place. The question of “will you marry me?” loomed in the air and it was all that I could do not to burst with excitement for them!

Brad moved to Mississippi a few months ago to begin pastoring at a church, so he and Krista have been long distance. Krista still lives in Birmingham and got so excited every time Brad came to town, and Friday was no exception! The had set out on a “date” that evening and the first stop was the gardens. They walked up the steps and along the pathway slowly together, probably soaking in every step to commit it to memory. Then they landed on the spot. The Birmingham Botanical Gardens is one of their favourite date spots, so it was important to him that the surprise proposal happened there.

He took her hands, she smiled. He pulled out a Bible and read for a couple of minutes as she tucked her hair behind her ears, curiously glancing at him and waiting for the moment. It was coming.

Then. A knee drop, a ring pulled out, hands over her face and squealing! She said yes to forever! After some laughing, shaking, hugs, kisses and admiring the gorgeous ring, I took some portraits of these lovebirds. Congratulations, Brad + Krista!