Henderson + Davis: Marietta Square & Morgan Falls

From the very first minute, I knew this shoot would be one to remember. Henderson and Davis turned on the charm and were immediately flirting, laughing and having so much fun with each other! It’s couples like them that make my job easy.


“We historically haven’t liked PDA … but with each other? It’s different.”

That’s what Henderson and Davis told me while we wandered around Marietta Square. They put their sweet love on display to create some of the cutest engagement photos!



These two came prepared to have FUN and boy did we laugh a lot! Davis grew up going to this ice cream shop in the area, so naturally we had to stop by. Our scoops ended up melting everywhere and we might have emptied the store of napkins. Whoops! But the photos were worth it.



Marietta Square had so many unique and fun spots that perfectly matched Henderson and Davis’s vibe. I always love when couples invite me to a new location and I get to turn the creativity up a notch!



Next, we drove to the Morgan Falls Overlook. It truly took our breath away! After a quick outfit change, we hopped onto the dock and took some beautiful shots in front of the lake.



We had so much fun together taking in the gorgeous lake view and running around the park barefoot. I am SO looking forward to this upcoming September when I’ll have the honour of photographing their WEDDING!!!