Jack + Johanna: Juniper and The Pedestrian Bridge

This engagement shoot with Jack and Johanna was SO MUCH FUN!  I honestly haven’t stopped thinking about it since!



For our first stop, we met up at Juniper in Forest Park. The bar has such an interesting, unique design. Everywhere I looked was another potential background for our photos!



It was ridiculously hot and suffocatingly humid, so we carried fans the wholeeee time. This time of year in Alabama, you don’t survive without a handheld fan … at least I don’t. These two were troopers, though, and nothing stopped them from having great attitudes!



Johanna and Jack had some super fun outfits planned. They looked so good! Plus, they were impossibly perfect in front of the camera. What more can this photographer ask for?



We wandered around downtown for a bit before finishing up on the Pedestrian Bridge. This is one of my favorite spots in Birmingham because you get an incredible city backdrop no matter which way you turn!



Afterwards, we all went to Carrigan’s for dinner and I genuinely enjoyed spending time with them. Johanna and Jack are truly thoughtful and kind. They got me a precious birthday present, asked great questions and seemed like such a good team! I cannot wait to photograph their wedding at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens!