Paige + Matt: Engagement Session in Birmingham, AL

I am so thrilled to share all the photos from Paige and Matt’s engagement session! These two have been an inseparable duo for four incredible years, and their love for each other is nothing short of inspiring. Before we embarked on our engagement session adventure, Paige and Matt took a moment to read heartfelt letters to each other! They were nervous to jump in front of the camera, but quickly became comfortable sharing their love with the lens!



We started our journey downtown where we explored some of Birmingham’s most iconic locations! Our feet let us to 20th Street, where the modernity of the city blended beautifully with Paige and Matt’s timeless romance. Next, we ventured to Morris Avenue, one of the most quaint and charming streets in town with it’s original cobblestone road! And, of course, I can’t shoot downtown without stopping at the Pedestrian Bridge!



As the sun began its descent, we headed to Crest Road. The final rays of light that evening were such a treat! An epic orange sunset pained the sky and casted a beautiful golden glow over the city.



As Paige and Matt’s wedding date approaches in 2024, I am genuinely looking forward to being a part of their engagement journey! It’s such an honour to capture their love story, and I hope they cherish these photos for years to come. Next time you see these two lovebird on the blog, they’ll be Mr. and Mrs. PRICE!!!