Amber + Troy: Engagement Session in Birmingham, AL

Amber and Troy’s engagement session was sweet, sentimental, and reminiscent of so many aspects of their relationship. I love when the results of a session truly embody a couple and their love story! Naturally, Amber and Troy’s location choices were perfectly picked with that in mind.



The first stop on our journey was Samford University. Amber attended Samford, and her love for the campus is truly infectious! Of course, you don’t have to convince me how awesome Samford is. Nevertheless, I loved watching Amber reminisce on her time there, pointing out all the buildings to Troy and telling him personal stories from her time there!



After we wrapped things up at Samford, we headed over to the Homewood Tennis Courts! It was only fitting that we incorporated their shared love for tennis into the session, especially since they met on a tennis court! Thankfully, the courts were open and the light was absolutely perfect!



We decided to embrace the sport’s elements, using rackets, tennis balls and even a fun game or two to bring out their shared passion! It was so cute to watch them tease each other during our shoot. Troy, always the gentleman, would cheekily mention that Amber was the superior tennis player, and she would blush and playfully disagree. They were too cute together!



I had so much fun photographing Amber and Troy for their engagement session, and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of their upcoming wedding in February of 2024!