The Lahrs: A Family Session at Samford University

It’s always a pleasure to share all the delightful moments I get to capture with incredible families here in Birmingham. This family is extra special to me because I’ve had the pleasure of photographing themĀ fiveĀ times now! Each session I’ve had with the Lahrs feels like a new chapter in their family story, and this time was no different!



Every time I meet up with this bunch, we have more fun than the last! Emma and Jacob are two adorable kids that help make the Lahr family so special. They’re fullll of energy and endless smiles, and they’re not afraid to let it all out during our sessions. Running, rolling, skipping and even flying through the air, they truly know how to enjoy a family photoshoot!



I first had the privilege of photographing Emma as a newborn, and I’ve been around to document everything since! It’s a remarkable journey, watching her grow from a tiny bundle of joy to a spirited and curious young girl!



This time, we decided to change things up a bit and introduce the Lahr family to a new location! They had never spent much time on the beautiful campus of Samford University, so it was a real treat to explore the stunning surroundings with them!

During our session, we had a near-miss adventure with Emma. She was feeling quite adventurous and attempted to make a beeline for a nearby fountain! Thankfully, we managed to steer her away from the watery escapade and decided to opt for a different kind of fun: crawling around in the grass!



In the end, our session together was filled with laughter, playfulness and pure love! I’m always so grateful to document a new section of their journey, and I look forward to many more adventures with them in the future!