Railroad Park + Botanical Gardens Engagement Session, Birmingham AL: Kate + Luke


These two really let me run wild during this session!

We walked through the iconic Japanese Gardens at Botanical Gardens in Birmingham, and my my myyyyy the leaves were giving us a show! They followed my every creative whim and it was so refreshing to feel creative!

Kate and Luke met in high school, dated throughout college, moved to Birmingham and have been together for EIGHT years now. Yep, EIGHT!! They are kind, comfortable around each other, fun-loving and adventurous. In the few short months they’ve lived in Birmingham, they’ve explored all the city has to offer and I love that kind of spirit!

They live in the Magic City because Kate is in medical school at UAB pursuing nothing other than infectious diseases … timely, huh? I loved getting to know what they love to do together, what their passions are and what they’d get up to on an average Saturday. Their answer? Spending time together outside and eating. I love that they still enjoy each others’ company after all this time, and I’m so happy for their upcoming marriage!