Railroad Park Engagement Session, Birmingham AL: Sarah + Chase

The met and got engaged within three months.

Kinda the ideal situation, right? Sarah and Chase met downtown unexpectedly, but hit it off immediately and knew very quickly that they were meant to be! As we walked through Railroad Park, I got to hear more of their story and it’s a sweet one:

Sarah went to Samford around the same time as me and began working in the medical field soon after graduation. Chase’s story is a bit different, but he has an awesome career in construction. As they’re in their 30s and established in their fields, they knew what they wanted in a spouse and fell in love quickly when they found each other. Sarah brought Georgia the dog home a few years ago, and now she’s just part of the family!

Georgia was such a well-tempered, sweet dog and you neeeed to scroll to the end to see how we wrapped the session!

I’m pumped for their wedding in March 2022 and am grateful to walk through engagement with couples.