The Glimpse: July 2021

This month I went to Dallas! 

Check out the blog post from this friend-trip here.



This month my baby girl niece started kindergarten.

I’m so proud of Brynlee and I LOVE time with her! This sweet girl went to school for the first time and it makes my aunt heart just weep.



This month I attended a wedding! 

I had a stretch of seven weeks off (AMAZING) this summer because I chose to have a recuperating break from wedding season. It was really fun attending a wedding with Emily and Addison, some of my great friends and one of my couples for this fall!



This month was birthday month!

Both of my sisters, myself, my roommate and old roommates all have birthdays in July, so we had a fun roomie birthday dinner with great friends from church, celebrated Meg’s 30th, and ate way too many sugar cookies.



My little sister got engaged!!

Read all about it and see the precious pictures here.



This month my roomie and I had some good times.

Goodness, I’m thankful for Kelly McCollum! She’s a ray of absolute sunshine. And now our friendship is solidified because we have matching lounge sweaters 😂



This month we went to the beach!

A week at the beach with my family is well-timed every year, and I’m grateful for the chance to get away. I didn’t take very many pictures at all, but I kinda love that!



That’s a wrap, folks! It was a gooood month of rest, travel, friends, sunshine, peeling skin (gross), family, surprises and CAKE!