Reese + Matt: Serenbe, GA

When Reese and Matt approached me to photograph their engagement and wedding, I knew that their story deserved to be told through images that reflected the depth of their connection. Thankfully, they made this easy to do. Their love for each other transcended the camera lens! Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.


I met up with Reese and Matt in Serenbe, GA. Serenbe is a quaint town nestled amid rolling hills and lush landscapes, filled with gorgeous architecture that makes for the perfect backdrop. A photographer’s paradise!



These two have dated for a few years now after meeting in college. They’re getting married next June at Reese’s parents home! I can already envision the most beautiful backyard wedding for these two. I just can’t wait!!!



We ended the night running around one of the many rolling fields in Serenbe. The grass was as tall as we were at times (concealing a giant hole that I conveniently fell into) and the moon was shining bright. We surpassed “golden-hour” and entered the elusive “blue-hour” that only emerges for a few moments after the sun has finally set. It was a peaceful end to a long day of capturing memories for these two.