Jim Leon: Celebrating 10 Months Old!

If you’ve followed my work for a while, you’ve likely seen this little guy before. Say hello again to Jim, the sweetest 10 month old you ever did see!

This is my third session with Jim, and at least my sixth session with the Leon family as a whole! I had the privilege of photographing TJ and Kelsie’s proposal, engagement, and wedding! And now I get to see their little family grow. So sweet!



We shot at the Leon home in Cahaba heights. It was the perfect time of day, and light was pouring in through the font door. After playing with his favorite bouncer balls, we got plenty of beautiful shots with Jim backlit by the light. I just love how they turned out!



After a quick outfit change for Jim (so cute!!!) we got some shots of Jim exploring the house. His curiosity is one of the most precious things about him!



Lastly, we headed out to the backyard to take advantage of the last bit of light streaming through the trees. I had the whole family in front of the camera for some of these. It brought me so much joy to see them together as a family!