The Melonas Family: Birmingham Botanical Gardens

I’d like to formally declare that the Melonas family is the absolute coolest. Alex and Desirae have been married for ten years! They both have PhDs, work in academia and adopted their son, Joshua, three years ago when he was born.



The Melonas family arrived dressed in some incredible pink florals and pastels. They knew the assignment, and executed it perfectly! Alex and Desirae suggested to shoot at the Botanical Gardens for its fun, floral elements which I always love and appreciate.



They were so chill and did a great job following my lead throughout the shoot. Joshua had a great time running around and exploring the gardens. He was so smiley and precious! The Melonases are getting ready to move to California, which honestly made me sad because I loved getting to know them! But I’m wishing them all the best on their new journey!!!