The Armours: A Family Session At The Botanical Gardens

Sometimes, when I’m extremely lucky, past couples will reach back out to me in the years following their wedding and allow me to photograph them and their family all over again! I shot Emily and Joseph’s wedding in 2018. Since then, they’ve moved to Oklahoma City and added sweet Claire to the family!

They were here in Vestavia for a week, so we scheduled a family session to capture some memories at this special moment in time.


We met up at the Botanical Gardens and Claire absolutely loved it! She threw flower petals in the fountain, carried her teddy bear wherever she went and definitely didn’t object when we handed her the portable fan! She also happened to make friends with a turtle we found burying himself amongst the flowers.



Even in the afternoon heat, we had a ton of fun catching up, sharing stories, and capturing timeless photos of Claire at such a sweet and silly stage in her life. I’m thankful for all my past clients that have become great friends and continue to trust me with the task of sharing their stories through photography.