The Kirkpatricks: A Family Session in Birmingham, AL

A little drizzle couldn’t dampen the spirits of this fun-loving family! Armed with umbrellas and a sense of adventure, the Kirkpatrick family and I embraced the unexpected rain and set out on a session filled with laughter, exploration, and a touch of muddy mayhem.

The Kirkpatrick kids were a whirlwind of energy, and rather than trying to corral their boundless enthusiasm, we decided to go with the flow! The Birmingham Botanical Gardens became our playground.



As the raindrops fell, we followed the kids around, capturing their spontaneous movements, scrapes, muddy knees and all!

Having photographed the Kirkpatricks once before, it was a delightful shock to see how much the kids had grown. Time truly does fly, and as a photographer, it’s heartwarming to capture families as they evolve and flourish!

One of these lucky photos will be on the Kirkpatrick family Christmas card, coming to a fridge near you soon!