The Meadows: An In-Home Newborn Session

There were so many joy-filled moments in my recent newborn session for the Meadows family, I wish I could share every single one! I promise to fit as many as I can into this blog 🙂

Jimmy and Aubrey are proud parents to baby Weslie, and their older daughter, Hadleigh. As I entered the Weslie’s nursery, everything was adorned in pink and green, a little girl’s dream!



Hadleigh, the proud big sister, couldn’t wait to show me her room. She led me through a world of stuffed animals, fairly lights, and her favourite spot – the bed, where she showcased her jumping skills as a special treat. She was the cutest thing!



Baby Weslie, nestled in a sea of soft blankets, was the epitome of sweetness. Hadleigh, still figuring out the delicate art of holding her little sister, beamed with pride and adoration! You could already see a great friendship forming between them.



As we wrapped up the session, we ventured to Starr Lake for a change of scenery. Hadleigh, with her newfound responsibility as a big sister, took charge and decided it was the perfect time to feed the ducks! She wasn’t quite sure about them once they got close, so she decided instead to observe from a safe distance.