The Schrams: An In-Home Newborn Session

I’m back with another adorable newborn session, and this one is particularly close to my heart. You might remember Katy and Jeremy from their fabulous wedding in 2021 – a celebration filled with love, laughter, and, of course, electric scooters!

Yep, you read that right – these two awesome souls gifted each other electric scooters on their wedding day. Suffice to say, they know how to keep things exciting! Fast forward to 2024, and they’ve welcomed the most beautiful addition to their family – the charming Olivia.



What struck me the most about Katy and Jeremy was their incredible teamwork. They’re not just partners in life; they’re a dynamic duo navigating the joys of parenthood together! Super chill, excellent communication, and a genuine appreciation for their little bundle of joy – these two are the dream team.



Now, let’s talk baby hacks. Every parent has a trick up their sleeve, and Katy and Jeremy’s secret weapon during our photo session was a hairdryer! Yes, you heard me right – a hairdryer. Apparently, the combination of white noise and warmth works like magic to calm down a little one for those picture-perfect moments. And guess what? We practically had a hairdryer parade going from room to room. I’m definitely taking this hack with me to my future newborn sessions…



As we moved around the Schram’s home, it was evident that every corner was filled with love for their sweet girl. Olivia, snug as a bug, was the star of the show, and capturing those precious moments was an absolute delight. From the tiny toes to the sweetest yawns, Olivia’s newborn session was a testament to the pure joy that her family brings. It’s families like the Schrams that make my job not just a profession but a passion!