Wedding Photographer Favourites: Wardrobe Edition

Fellow wedding photographers: whether you’re just starting out or are a seasoned veteran, you more than likely have a go-to wardrobe lineup of clothes, shoes and accessories. If you’re looking to make some changes, this blog is for you! I’ve included links and pictures to my favorite go-tos. I gotchu, girl.



Give your feet some TLC

First things first: yes, a wedding photographer’s feet kill them by the end of the day! Realistically, even if you’re wearing the best shoes in the biz, your feet will most likely need some TLC when you’ve finished shooting. A bath for your feet can do wonders, as well as a massage (any husbands out there killing the game and massaging your wife’s feet?). Keep that in mind as you try to find the shoes that will be your best friend and keep you from blistering. 

I can’t continue writing this blog without an honourable mention of the literal best shoes ever: the grand court sneaker by Adidas. I genuinely feel like I’m walking on clouds when I wear them, and even though my feet hurt a little at the end of a wedding day, these shoes have been a life saver. They take the pressure off the rest of my body, give me great support and comfort and as an added bonus, cool points with groomsmen!

Along with the Adidas’, here are some other options to level up your wedding day outfits while taking care of your sweet feet:


Adidas: Grand Court Sneaker


Rothys: The Sneaker



Birdies: The Classic



Kork Ease: Myrna 2.0



New Balance: Fresh Foam



Birkenstock: Oswego

Jumpsuits vs. Dresses 

I’ve become a big fan of shooting in jumpsuits over the years, and besides the tricky parts about going to the bathroom 😂  they’re the greatest. You can move around easily without worrying about wind blowing up your dress or wearing uncomfortable pants. Not to mention, jumpsuits in the summer are the real deal – flowy, lightweight and look great either paired with a jacket or showing off those shoulders.  


Everlane: The Picnic Jumpsuit



Everlane: Fatigue Utility Jumpsuit



Old Navy: Sleeveless Linen Blend



Express: V-Neck Tie Jumpsuit



So now that you’re well-equipped, go on a little shopping spree! As wedding season is on the horizon, stock your closet with comfy attire that makes you feel confident, eases your worries, takes care of your body and keeps people from seeing your sweat marks when you wear black 😂 I hope your feet thank you this wedding season. Go get ’em, girl!

If you have questions about your show-stopping, comfort-priority wardrobe, feel free to DM me on Instagram and we can chat!