Wedding Photographer Favourites: Photography Accessories

When I started in the wedding industry, I did so much research on what I might need as a wedding photographer, but had no idea where to begin! Having been full time for five years now, I’ve found some tried-and-true accessories that make wedding days seamless and allow me to stay safe, healthy and organized. 

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Fanny Pack/Bum Bag

In England we call this a “bum bag” and I’ll just leave it at that. But these days, you can’t catch me anywhere without this accessory! I wear it all day and it houses my batteries, phone, fan, bobby pins and a little space for carrying my couples’ items if they need it. 

You can go big or small with these, but I love these four.


Lululemon – Everywhere Belt Bag


Universal Thread – Zip Closure Fanny Pack


Madewell – The (Re)Sourced Convertible Belt Bag


Amazon – Herschel Fifteen Waist Pack

Portable USB Fan

This is a life saver on summer wedding days. It’s a fan that really packs a punch and can provide so much relief to a couple when it’s swelteringly hot outdoors! I keep this in my fanny pack at all times just in case, and it’s never let me down! It charges via USB so you’ll never have to replace the batteries.


Hand Warmers

If I didn’t have these in the winter, my fingers would fall off. No, seriously, my fingers often turn yellow and go numb, especially my trigger finger! I keep these in my pockets and often tuck them in my shoes (click here to read all about what to wear on wedding days) so my digits don’t freeze! Buy them in bulk here and stay warm in your wintry wedding season.


Black Rapid Harness

I don’t go anywhere without my harness because it enables me to be hands-free with my cameras, while also having them at the ready. I love this harness because although it carries heavy equipment, it’s pretty comfortable. I rarely adjust it and love that it feels secure.Also, I’ve heard that if back issues are troublesome for you, this hip holster is excellent. 




In this pandemic world, you’ve got to think about having a mask on hand. I keep this 100 disposable mask pack in my car just in case the virus peaks at any point. I can grab-and-go if I feel nervous in big crowds and still stick to my black uniform!



Ever been stuck with a rainy wedding day and have no covered spaces to shoot in? Having six clear umbrellas in my trunk at all times is such a great safety net. Most couples value having pictures taken outside and aren’t afraid to get under an umbrella if it means great images, so order a few of these to take the mental weight off! 


Emergency Poncho

Just as the umbrellas keep your clients dry, so does a poncho! Grab a few of these clear ponchos to protect yourself and your gear on rainy wedding days. 



Ear Plugs

When the band gets crazy, you don’t go deaf! Protect your ears and keep them from ringing at the end of the night, while still being able to maintain a conversation with your couple, guests and your second shooter. It’s an extra layer of protection for your precious ears while you’re standing next to blaring speakers. 



Comment below with your favourite wedding day accessories and make sure you catch this blog post about what I wear on wedding days and this post about which software I use in my business.