ESP Full Time Anniversary: 4 Things I Learned in 2018

My first year of being full time is in the books!

On December 20, 2017, I quit my full time job – salary and all – to pursue a calling. I only had five weddings booked for 2018, so it felt like a crazy decision to up and leave a consistent income. My plan was to be married in two years and then go full time. Ha! Stepping out on seemingly shaky ground was unnerving and it didn’t make complete sense to step out that soon.  But I knew God had directed and confirmed the decision, and I also knew I would undoubtedly grow and thrive.

So what did I learn last year?

  1. It’s possible to have a dream job. Sure, some people may never develop a specific skill set. But it is possible to enjoy work! I genuinely get excitement from doing this job every day. I love stretching myself, developing relationships with clients and vendors, meeting people at coffee shops where I work, pushing myself toward goals and the challenges that come from self employment.
  2. When you invest time, you’re guaranteed to grow in your craft. When I stepped out into self-employment, I was confident that I’d inevitably grow. I don’t think it’s actually possible to pour time into something and get worse, right? So the only way was up! It forced me to go out and practice things, read articles, talk to experts and follow influencers to learn more.
  3. You’ve got to work really hard! Now, I believe hard work and excellence are Biblical concepts, but hustle isn’t. Hustle means putting the rest of your life – social, mental, emotional, spiritual – on hold in order to further your business. There are seasons for everything, but I also believe that we were meant to develop holistically and not put important, healthy rhythms on the back burner. It’s definitely a fine line between pushing hard in business and resting! So in 2018, I worked really hard. Set goals, set hour-by-hour task goals even, and still had time for a life outside of work.
  4. Depend on God for every need. When photography was simply a side business for me, it was easier to think that I was the one who got my clients. I wasn’t in great need for additional income, so it was a nice surprise every time a client booked. But since going full time, I am fully convinced that God is the one who shows favour on my business. No client comes to me by accident, and I know God is my provider.

Thank you so much for your support this year! I’m thrilled to be capturing so many weddings in 2019, and I still have more availability!