Reasons To Do A First Look

It’s the question of our generation’s bride … to first look or not to first look? We all dream of the fairy princess wedding where our groom sees us for the first time walking down the aisle … but there are so many factors to a wedding day! If you’re wondering how incorporating a first look might affect your big day, read below! Here are six reasons to do a first look, and a few extra tips from me, your favorite Birmingham, AL wedding photographer 🙂



In Defense of a First Look

1. You get to have quiet moments with your groom before the bustle of the big day.

2. It lessens nerves about walking into a full ceremony space with lots of guests.

3. You can talk, touch and see each other face-to-face, which creates connection and will be comforting. How fun that you’ll get to spend most of your wedding day with your groom?!

4. You can spread the emotions out throughout the day. Instead of seeing each other for the first time while walking down the aisle and being hit by all the feels, you can feel freely without people staring at you. They’ll stare anyway, but at least they tears may not flow as much!

5. You get to spend the time after the ceremony taking a few golden hour portraits, instead of trying to squeeze bride + groom, bridal party and family portraits into an hour while worrying about sunset times.

6. You can arrive at the reception earlier, because you were finished with all family portraits before the ceremony! That means more time to partayyyy!



Advice from a photographer

Having a first look means all the portraits are done before the ceremony. You can count on the light and the schedule, and you can control the environment. However, I understand the classic, fairytale dream of having your groom see you for the first time as you walk down the aisle! Pick what is best for you, and we’ll make sure that we have the best light for portraits whenever you choose. Your wedding is about committing to one another and celebrating with friends and family … so remember that people are greater than things, and choose what you think is best!



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