Personal: I Love July

July filled itself with three birthdays, a mission trip to Wales and England, a beach vacation, a sweet guest and a wedding…with two photoshoots, packing and cleaning in between!

This summer has been so full of traveling. I’ve spent a month in Britain and Europe, long days at the beach, a month interspersed at home, a week in Birmingham, time at friends’ houses and this weekend will include Franklin and Jackson, Tn.! I’ve learned a lot about myself, have read multiple books, cooked some fun meals, had lots of phone dates, coffee dates (or mint tea, yum!) and picture editing sessions and have seen God move and change me.

Here are a few personal pictures I’m happy to share with you (including some iPhone pictures…gasp!). I’m rather fond of July, but August is equally great. So looking forward to choir camp, seeing friends, finishing up projects at home, visiting Tennessee and beginning SENIOR YEAR! (hey time, where’d ya go?)

IMG_0027 IMG_0032 IMG_0585 IMG_0610 IMG_0618 IMG_0630 IMG_0635 IMG_0651 IMG_0654 IMG_0666 IMG_0673 IMG_0684 IMG_0690 IMG_0698 IMG_0706 IMG_0719 IMG_0731 IMG_0743 IMG_0751 IMG_0757 IMG_9465 IMG_9470 IMG_9491 IMG_9511 IMG_9567 IMG_9588 IMG_9594 IMG_9600 IMG_9618 IMG_9623 IMG_9627 IMG_9675 IMG_9692

IMG_3426 IMG_3442 IMG_3507 IMG_3514 IMG_3667 IMG_3688 IMG_3745 IMG_3781