Rock it Till There’s a Rock

It’s strange being single.

In a culture where love is glorified and romance seems fulfilling, being the one who has never dated is rare.

Fears pop up routinely–why not me yet? And then those fears are submitted to the Lord and one realizes the purpose in singleness again. This routine is a cycle for the girl, untaken, in the midst of “ring by spring” Facebook announcements.

The glaring rocks taunt “not yet” but encourage “sometime soon.” Hope is not lost, neither is life dependent on this hope. Damsels in distress we may be on the occasional night that calls for ice cream and long talks, but damsels in distress we are not for very long.

Are we distressed? Well, that is a good question. Sometimes we feel like we are. BUT HOW PETTY IS THAT! Distress is to cause pain, suffering or anxiety to.

As Christians, new life that we claim is no reason to be distressed. God offers this abundant life–this life where we can operate with his Spirit at 100%, not just 70% by ourselves. And just to clarify, this 70% isn’t exactly fulfilling.

Distress has no place in this gift of life.

Okay cool, so while we mope, wait and sulk for our knights to arrive on their valiant steeds (just kidding, stop the whining), what’s our calling? Our calling is this:

“An unmarried woman…is concerned about the Lord’s affairs: Her aim is to be devoted to the Lord in both body and spirit” – 1 Corinthians 7:34.

So let’s rock it, single ladies. Keep your hearts light and guarded, keep your words kind, live radically for the One who gives life.