Try to say “Ynysybwl”

Today was probably my favourite. What a way to end the trip by photographing 25 families! Yesterday I had a conversation with Ms. Toni, and she encouraged me to speak life into my photography. And look what God did–lifted my spirits and gave the gift of a whole day to photograph sweet babies!

We ended out morning devotions by honouring team leaders and praising God for how He has moved on this trip. We listened to countless stories of lives saved and great conversations. What opportunities He has given us!

The “special operations” team (what a name) were at the Gurnos Christian Center for the whole day for “family photo day” in which we took pictures of families, babies and couples free of charge.

This evening, we sang at the Ynysybwl Rugby Club (pronounced uh-nih-see-bull), hosted by rugby legend Garin Jenkins, a dear family friend. It was a beautiful sight to see souls saved, but also a gathering of dear friends. Many of the pastors and family friends we’ve accumulated over Wales trips were in attendance. It was a blessing to catch up and hug them goodbye.

Now it’s packing time…as belongings are strewn across my hotel room, I can’t help but finish this blog post and tell you the concluding events. God is not done here. “Greater things are still to be done in this city”….we thoroughly believe and claim it.

Off to Windsor Castle and London in the morning, then we’ll fly home Wednesday! We would happily stay here for a few more weeks, but we’re excited about being home, reflecting on the trip and asking the Lord to give us vision for the trips to come.

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