An Awful Lot of Red

God has deeply impressed Wales on our hearts over the past 11 years…a passion that won’t die and will continue until God brings revival to this place again. We can feel the hope stirring. We can see the desperate longing. We’ve directly seen God move.

We were at 11 different churches this morning; our team split up into smaller groups. Tonight was beautiful in sharing the gospel through song and the message. Many many souls will be in glory with us!!!!

Afterward we drove up to a gorgeous overlook. Here are some shots of the day. We have one more gospel presentation tomorrow night, and we’ll be out in the community in our respective roles during the day. Please pray!

IMG_8340 IMG_8332 IMG_8346 IMG_8328 IMG_8242 IMG_8219 IMG_8216 IMG_8214


IMG_8140 IMG_8144 IMG_8150 IMG_8161 IMG_8164 IMG_8172 IMG_8190 IMG_8205 IMG_8118 IMG_8081 IMG_8068