Fall Break Was Five Weeks Ago

……and I’m just getting round to posting about this–a pretty accurate depiction of the past month.

Non-stop. Weary. Deadlines. A finished magazine. Lots of discipleship. Photo shoots. Little sleep. Homework. Crazy.

I’ve always had a struggle with using the word “no” when it comes to adding commitments to my schedule. This year I’ve been saying it more frequently, and it’s been good. But I haven’t seen a tremendous effect on my schedule by doing that.

I desire to be spread only inches wide but feet deep, not inches deep and feet wide. ¬†Yet, what I tend to do is be is feet wide and feet deep–a formula that produces little sleep, little energy and, honestly, selfishness. Not a very good idea, El. So, what to do? Is there a solution to not think and act like I’m indispensable and invincible?

By spreading myself feet deep and feet wide, I communicate that the things I’m involved in are the most important in life, and therefore people should adjust to my schedule. I run from activity to activity trying to cover all my bases, turn all my work in, add to my resume, market my photography, spend time with my friends, talk to my family and do so many things that, yes, I’m passionate about.

But are all of those good? (And as I re-read that paragraph, I saw a lot of the word “my.” Guess I really needed to write this blog post!)

I think the solution is this, something my wise Mum often says to me..

“Only do commanded work.”

Really, Mum? Why do you have to be so wise? Do I really have to listen?

Well yes, I really do. As Thanksgiving week is upon us, I hope to reflect on this semester–what I’ve handled badly (quite a few things) and what is energizing for me. I hope to dwell and seek the Lord’s face on how HE would like to use my time while I’m in school. When I crowd every minute with things I want to do, I restrict God from working through me; I miss so many opportunities because I’m on the run.

And that isn’t the Great Commission.