They Went to the Chapel

October 25, 2013

Oooooookay everybody, here is the final post of wedding pictures! (Granted, there was only one other, but it sounds more exciting and dramatic). Wasn’t she a stunning bride?

Alex and Meg, I’m so happy for you guys. It’s been a joy to grow up with you, Meg, and to get to know you for the past six/seven years, Alex! Looking forward to seeing what God does through your marriage!

Badabing, badaboom….here you go, friends!

IMG_4024 IMG_4025 IMG_4026 IMG_4032 IMG_4034 IMG_4035 IMG_4038 IMG_4042 IMG_4046 IMG_4056 IMG_4062

IMG_3973 IMG_3980 IMG_3981 IMG_3999 IMG_4004 IMG_4011 IMG_4013 IMG_4017 IMG_4019 IMG_4021

IMG_3957 IMG_3966 IMG_3967 IMG_3969 IMG_3971

IMG_3938 IMG_3940 IMG_3946 IMG_3950

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