Goin’ To The Chapel

Alex and Meg have now been married for 40 days…..what! What a joyful day September 14, 2013 was!

Ladies and gentlemen, here are the wedding pictures! This is one of two posts…. keep your eyes peeled for the second!

IMG_3830 IMG_3836 IMG_3845 IMG_3851 IMG_3857 IMG_3870 IMG_3875 IMG_3883 IMG_3889 IMG_3900

IMG_3799 IMG_3813 IMG_3818 IMG_3820

IMG_3786 IMG_3795

IMG_3780 IMG_3772 IMG_3770 IMG_3760 IMG_3756 IMG_3741 IMG_3705 IMG_3699 IMG_3695 IMG_3672 IMG_3668